Anu Pandey

Staff Consultant – Product Engineer/Manager, VMWare

Digital Transformation: Why well-planned multi-year programs still fail! And what to do instead!

Digital transformation is often a multi-year and multi-million-dollar journey for large enterprises. Adopting the ‘Agile way’ is no longer a question; it’s the norm. At Tanzu Labs, we recently concluded an engagement, where we advised a large Australian organisation against following their program plan. The transformation program had a valid business objective and the support of its executives. When we partnered with the customer, the program was already three years into its journey. Projects got delivered on time with cutting edge technologies, modern programming languages, and teams with the right skills. How did the organisation still end up sinking millions of dollars without any return on investment? What went wrong in the middle? How did the right objectives yield poor results?

In this talk, we’ll describe the path to stay clear of the common pitfalls and roadblocks and show you the simple, no-nonsense, buzzword-free way to build great software that delivers value without embarking on a massive program of work.

About Anu Pandey
Anu Pandey is an experienced Product Manager and technology consultant at VMware Tanzu Labs. She has over 15 years of experience helping organisations achieve their business objective through digital products. She has successfully developed and launched digital products for financial services, pharmaceuticals, retail and government sectors by bringing together the principles of lean, customer focus and strong engineering practices.

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