Ben Hogan

Consultant, Coach and Trainer, AgileBen

Bringing Purpose to Life with OKRs

On the surface Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) appear to be a simple way to set goals and measure progress, however the real world application of OKRs (especially at scale) is filled with unexpected challenges and some surprising benefits. Adopting OKRs successfully requires supportive leadership, sophisticated change management, investment in learning and more time and patience than you might think.

In this talk Ben shares his experiences from introducing OKRs across 100 teams in a 1200 person publicly listed organisation in Berlin. He will share his hard-won lessons of what not to do, and outline a low risk way to evaluate OKRs in your organisation. Join this Circle to learn about getting executives onboard, learn why cascading OKRs can be a mistake, learn how to set up an OKR champions and training program and more.

About Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan recently spent a couple of years in Berlin in a senior management role where he was looking at improving organisational alignment and implementing OKRs across a 1200 person enterprise. Prior to this role, he’d been a long-time participant in the Australian Agile community, helping teams and leaders grok Agile since 2002, and he’s been teaching, coaching and helping build teams for over 15 years. He’s a veteran of introducing Lean, Agile and other buzzwords to many projects, operations and business teams including marketing, legal, people and culture, finance and customer service. He was one of the first people to teach Kanban in Australia and is a previous speaker at the Agile Australia, Scrum Australia, YoW, Last and 1st conferences, and has been an invited speaker to the Agile Encore.

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