Brendan Marsh

Agile, Product & Organisational Coach @ Organa

Don’t copy the Spotify model, copy these things instead

3 key components of culture, leadership and org design that made the Spotify ‘model’ so successful.

Ever since the fabled “Scaling Agile @ Spotify” paper came out, a little over 9 years ago, the Agile industry has had a love affair with the “Spotify Model”, leading to huge transformation efforts in the hope of achieving Agile nirvana, off the back of one Sweden’s biggest success stories. With all the promise of Agile salvation, it seems rare that we hear genuine success stories off the back of adopting a ‘model’ that, if we’re honest, was never designed to be adopted. In this talk, Brendan will go beyond the squads, chapters & tribes model to give you 3 key components of culture, leadership and organisational design that were essential to its success at the company and likely missing from most transformation efforts.

About Brendan Marsh
Brendan Marsh has been working in the tech/product space for 12 years and has recently returned to Australia, after spending six years in Sweden. During this time in Sweden, Brendan spent 5 years working for Spotify during their hyper growth phase, first as an Agile Coach and then as the Product Manager for Spotify’s desktop client where he was responsible for 1/3 of Spotify’s monthly active users. Since then, Brendan has been the Chief Product Officer for 29k, a mental health non profit and now consults to companies in Australia on all things product management, Agile and organisational design.

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