Crighton Nichols

Director, Digital Technology Services, PwC Australia
About Crighton Nichols
Dr Crighton Nichols has over two decades of global experience delivering innovative solutions in the technology/ICT, professional services, education, and the not-for-profit sectors, across five continents. He has a PhD in cross-cultural design and innovation and a strong desire to lead positive changes associated with the introduction of emerging technologies to benefit businesses and society at large, from increasing empathy through virtual and mixed reality to ensuring artificial intelligence is used responsibly. Crighton has pioneered, facilitated and delivered a broad range of innovations and transformations to help organisations improve strategic outcomes, reimagine the possible, and charter paths to success in complex, heterogeneous environments. His professional experience spans senior and executive leadership roles for a number of organisations around the world, ranging from not-for-profit startups to some of the largest ICT projects in the world with leading multinational organisations such as eBay, Yahoo!, Virgin, Telstra, and PwC. He is a dynamic, proactive leader who is skilled in transforming teams, delivering sustainable results, forging productive relationships, coordinating overall strategy, and propelling organisations to higher peaks of success.

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