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Having a wide variety of software delivery and leadership experience, including developing and running Computer Aided Design systems for General Motors, designing and project managing the introduction of computer systems into Mozambique Customs for the first time after the end of their decades-long civil war, setting up a software company in Zimbabwe, designing an awesome, if-she-says-so-herself, online PAYG calculation engine, helping a South African Bank turn Agile, being the acting Chief Digital Officer for a Latin-American airline, Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks and now Head of Product for GreenSync has given Helen Macqueen the opportunity to develop a broad-ranging understanding of how to create teams that build and run great software. It has furthermore provided her with an immensity of interesting anecdotes and weird stories not the weirdest of which includes the theft of a kilometre of copper telephone cable. For clarity Helen has never stolen anything, but do ask her about this if you’d like to know what happened. Her favourite phrases include “perfect is the enemy of good enough, done is better than perfect”, “stop starting, start finishing” and “is everyone drinking enough water?”

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