Jon Gedge

Organisational and Leadership Coach

Panel: Agile coaching – then, now & next

The Agile Manifesto emerged 20 years ago, and Lyssa Adkins’ foundational text Coaching Agile Teams: A Companion for ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches, and Project Manager in Transition was published 10 years ago. What was Agile coaching like then? Where is it at now and how can we shape the practice into the future?

Join us for a panel with Chris Chan, Jon Gedge, Katrina Kolt and Alexandra Stokes who are paving the path for this profession and the vital role it plays in helping organisations succeed.

Part exploration of how Agile coaching has got to where it is today and part futurespective, we invite you to join the conversation alongside lively members of the Agile Australia community!


About Jon Gedge

Jon Gedge is fascinated by exploring how lean and Agile principles and practices, systemic coaching, adult development theory and integral theory can be combined to bring about genuine organisational evolution. He is also passionate about building communities, having created an international systemic coaching practice group and co-organising a long-running Melbourne-based Agile coaching Meetup group.
Jon believes that the best way to create sustainable change is by helping people learn how to solve their own problems. He loves helping people and teams develop the awareness, responsibility and skills they need to embrace the complexity and ambiguity that is inherent in modern organisations and find ways to navigate through this to uncover solutions that fit their context.

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