Matthew Hodgson

CEO and Executive Agile Coach, Zen Ex Machina

Measuring enterprise agility and leadership through organisational psychology

Numerous industry surveys have shown organisations receive a number of benefits from being agile – improved ability to pivot, reduced costs, and improve delivery effectiveness. Unfortunately, the collection and analysis of empirical evidence is rarely conducted. Without robust empirical measures, many turn to the symbols they can see – measuring velocity, team happiness, and getting teams to “self assess” their capability. While useful, self assessments and surveys provide only a snapshot of what agile teams have done in the past. What, though, is needed to accurately predict the behaviours that will take Agile teams and programs to the next level?

This talk with enterprise Agile coaches Matthew Hodgson and Mia Horrigan will give you a playbook to truly measure and predict agility based on a data modelling approach:

  • The empirical evidence and data on what makes an enterprise Agile
  • How you measure an Agile culture from an organisational psychology perspective
  • The antecedents of Agile leadership
  • How to grow and sustain an Agile culture across the enterprise


About Matthew Hodgson

Matthew Hodgson is an Executive Agile Coach, author, and international speaker. He’s been helping executives for over a decade to realise their Agile vision by bringing a multi-disciplinary approach that leverages organisational psychology, organisational change, design thinking, and two decades of UX, Agile, and Lean experience. His systems thinking approach ensures a holistic, value-centric way of working for complex programs and teams alike.

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