Ramanandh Sankaralingam

Chief Technologist – DevOps & IT Operations Management at Micro Focus

Accelerate Test Automation with smarter solutions in today’s Agile/DevOps environment

When it comes to building and delivering better software faster, organisations can no longer choose between speed and quality if they expect to remain competitive in today’s Agile/DevOps environment. What’s needed is a faster way to engineer quality into every application. Micro Focus anticipated this need for faster, smarter testing and embedded multiple AI-powered intelligent automation capabilities into our solution. These capabilities will enable teams using our solution to reduce test creation time, boost test coverage, increase resiliency of testing assets, and cut down on test maintenance efforts. In this talk, Ram will showcase how Micro Focus’s UFT One Solution which:
  • Uses computer vision to identify the different elements the same way a human does and not the traditional way of ‘underlying identifiers’
  • Uses Neural Network that will understand the element and take decision how to interact and manipulate with Natural Language Processing capabilities, so tests can be written in a very simple way, almost like plain English!
About Ramanandh Sankaralingam
Ramanandh Sankaralingam is a TOGAF certified Enterprise Architect and a Cloud evangelist with Oracle Cloud/ AWS/ Sun Java certifications and has 15+ years career experience in Consulting, Product Development and Production Support. Ram currently works as a Chief Technologist at Micro Focus handling DevOps portfolio including Application Delivery and IT Operations Management. In his last role as a Cloud Architect for Oracle, he has played a key role in architecting solutions for strategic opportunities with NSW Public Sector customers including NSW Health, Treasury, Dept of Justice,Transport and Reserve Bank of Australia. Prior to joining Oracle, he was a Middleware Architect at Compass Group Australia and helped them integrate their systems with Australian Defence systems. He also worked as a development lead in the past at Bally Gaming and developed a very high-volume Casino Management software on Java platform, which successfully runs for over 10 years in several casinos at Las Vegas, Macau and in some Australian clubs as well.

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