Sharon Robson

Founder, enterpring agility

About Sharon Robson

Sharon Robson is a trainer, coach and mentor who specialises in thinking skills, learning approaches and growth strategies for business. Sharon focuses on applying lean and Agile principles, as well as applying collaborative based approaches to problem solving and risk management. Sharon works with Leadership Teams to transform organisations, building High Performing Teams. Following the principles of agility and lean, as well as using Higher Order Thinking Skills, Performance Optimisation Techniques, Engagement Models, Leadership Application Skills, Communication Techniques, Planning Approaches.

Sharon has been working in IT for over 25 years with experience in both large corporations and small organisations. Sharon has held leadership and management roles and uses her extensive experience to guide her client teams. Sharon is focused on establishing patterns of behaviour that enable teams to perform at very high levels while supporting the organisation’s ability to learn and adjust in today’s ever changing environment.

Sharon is the Founder and Director of Enterprising Agility, a consultancy that works closely with it’s clients to mobilise their passions for embracing modern working practices, high impact leadership and exponential thinking.

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