Tony Ponton

Principal Consultant, Elabor8

Governing with Agility

Social distancing and lockdowns have forced an unexpected shift to remote working, and many businesses have been caught unprepared. While some had no remote working capability at all, others were able to successfully enable their whole company to work from home. However, once the initial shift was made, few have clear processes or procedures in place for how to work together remotely over a sustained amount of time. Traditional Agile leadership and governance structures are specifically designed to help teams excel when they are co-located, what can you do when that’s not possible?

As the ongoing impact of COVID-19 continues to emerge, organisations with Agile teams are among the best-positioned to succeed, given their ability to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment. With organisations focused on their ability to maintain profitability and survive, effectiveness and efficiency counts greatly. However to sustain the effectiveness of their Agile teams, leaders must now overcome a new challenge. We need to collectively modernise how we govern our work for both the next normal and a sustained remote working context. “There ‘aint no going back….”

Attend this interactive talk to learn:

  • The compelling need for Agility in governance
  • To traditional governance everything looks like a nail
  • What is agile governance?
  • Transitioning from onsite to remote governance
  • Overview the “Guiding Hand of Governance”:
    • Organisational Transparency
    • Work Patterns
    • Data based Decisioning
    • Humanistic Leadership
    • Deep Dive into Agile leadership
    • The Thumb – The Digital Obeya – tying it all together
  • Agile Works
  • The future of remote work – why it’s here to stay!
About Tony Ponton

Tony Ponton is recognised as a contributor and leader in the Australian and global Agile communities for over twenty years. He is one of the co-creators/co-authors of “The Remote Agility Framework”, the world’s first framework for effective remote working, as well as principal consultant and head of business advisory for Elabor8.

Coaching leaders, individuals and organisations in agility in order to create adaptive organisations for the age of digitality is his passion.

Tony serves as a Heart of Agile guide as part of the global Heart of Agile movement and co-chairs one of the world’s leading Agile podcasts – The Agile Revolution.

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