Yamini Naidu CSP

Business storyteller

Hooked! Connect, Engage and Inspire with Storytelling

Stories and storytelling can inspire people where bullet points may not. Isn’t it always the story, the anecdote, the example that you remember long after the event?

Business storytelling is storytelling with a purpose and for results. Whatever you are trying to do in business – leading people, managing change, or building your career, storytelling can help you do it better…that’s a guarantee.

In this power packed session you will:

  • Discover business storytelling
  • Explore the use of storytelling
  • Identify storytelling applications in your context.
About Yamini Naidu CSP

Yamini Naidu, CSP is the world’s only economist turned business storyteller and is rated among the top three business storytellers globally. With a client list of Fortune 500 and ASX Top 100 companies, she works at board and CEO level around the world, moving leaders from spreadsheets to stories. Award-winning speaker and best-selling author, her clients include Google, Adidas, Tiffany & Co, Atlassian and Ford Motor Company. She has authored several books and been published internationally by John Wiley & Sons. Her books include Story Mastery: How leaders supercharge results with storytelling, Power Play: Game changing influence strategies for leaders. Her latest publication is Light of the Party: Be that storyteller, who fascinates friends, dazzles dates, wows clients, wins promotions and gets kids to make their beds.

Yamini is currently the Director of yamininaidu.com.au. In 2005 she co-founded Australia’s first storytelling company and is a pioneer of the field. Yamini has taught leadership and management at RMIT University. She is an economist by training, and a postgraduate (and scholarship winner) from the London School of Economics.

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