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Alexandra Stokes & Gareth Lees-West, ReBoot Co.

Tuesday 3 August 2021 @ 2:00pm AEST, Online

How do I make remote work engaging?

What are the creative ways we can make remote work engaging and effective? What have we learned from over a year of shifting our work to remote teams and tools?

Join AgileAus Circles and ReBoot Co. founder Alex Stokes for this interactive brown bag and workshop where we explore different ways to make remote online meetings, workshops and gatherings more engaging.

The intention is to make this session as engaging as possible of course, so be ready to have fun as we explore the topic of engaging people remotely together!

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Tuesday 3 August 2021 @ 2:00pm AEST

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Alexandra Stokes

About Alexandra Stokes

Alex Stokes has spent two decades specialising in Agile and Lean approaches. A forerunner of agility since its emergence in the 90’s, Alex has honed and applied these methods and techniques to many delivery roles in her career and has worked to bring agility to teams.

Alex co-founded ReBoot Co., a consultancy of specialist coaches and consultants who help organisations to transform, deliver and become high performing.

Gareth Lees-West

About Gareth Lees-West

Gareth Lees-West is an experienced Coach at ReBoot Co. who brings transformational improvement to teams with a combination of experimentation and learning.

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AgileAus Circles are an interactive opportunity for curious minds from across Australia and beyond to share better ways of working.

AgileAus Circles will be offering creative ways to address burning questions, tackle current challenges and keep the conversation flowing!

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