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Elabor8 is a consulting company that speeds the creation of customer value through a focus on people, teams and organisational agility. We concentrate on building knowledge, uplifting capability and identifying efficiency improvements across technology, product innovation and design, Agile delivery and advisory. As practitioner coaches, advisors or as an extension of your team, our support is transformative but not disruptive, from instilling the mindset to recognise opportunity, to building a collaborative environment that frees people to deliver. With the flexibility to approach challenges with the right skills, insight and capacity to deliver real value, Elabor8 gives organisations the freedom to move.
Flomatika is a Value Stream Management platform focused on helping mid-market and enterprise organisations pursue faster and more predictable value delivery. We provide real-time, end-to-end visibility into product delivery flow, to help understand what actually is happening and to steer the work at the team, program, portfolio, and enterprise levels.

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