Ben Crothers

Ben Crothers

Principal Facilitator, Bright Pilots

About Ben Crothers

Ben Crothers is on a mission to help teams get unstuck, with a mix of better facilitation, visualisation, and motivation. He is a designer, strategist, facilitator, illustrator, and trainer, who’s been making digital things since Netscape ruled the web, for a wide variety of corporates, startups, tech companies, non-profits and government departments. He’s the author of several books including Presto Sketching and 50 Remote-Friendly Icebreakers, and was one of the team of 4 who created the Atlassian Team Playbook, as well as his fair share of design activities, templates and canvases. These days, he does a mix of facilitation and online training through Bright Pilots, his own business. When not drawing, workshopping or writing, Ben likes a bit of abstract painting, and baking cinnamon scrolls.

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