Keith Dodds

Keith Dodds

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About Keith Dodds

Keith Dodds was an early Agile advocate. He worked at ThoughtWorks for 14 years and helped secure ThoughtWorks sponsorship of the Agile Australia Conference for many years.

Increasing segments of society have soured on Big Tech in recent years, citing abuse of privacy/data profiling, the growth of monopoly, super-profits and global tax evasion, government mass surveillance, etc. Keith has focused his attention on the precipitous decline of modern capitalism, reflected in: massive global inequality and exploitation (80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day); the climate catastrophe; recurrent economic crises; financial scandals of the
global elite; the growth of right-wing ,authoritarian, movements/governments; global warfare and rising militarism.

It is through these lens that Keith will explore the current state of the Agile movement, the uses of technology and “What Matters Most”.

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